Nurch member survey 2022

2022 Nurch member stats

Who benefits from Nurch? The obvious answer is – everyone who attends a Nurch partner childcare centre, but who is that person? We recently conducted a survey to get to know and understand you and your needs a little more; this is what we found.

93% of Nurch members are Women:

Is your partner/ husband a part of a loyalty program, if so, I’m curious to know which ones? It was interesting (and fantastic) that we discovered that almost 7% of our members are male indicating that there are men who are taking the primary carer role for our little ones. In 2018-19 the ABS, reported that 93.5% of primary parental leave (paid or unpaid) was taken by women.

The latest data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows 60 per cent of large businesses offer paid parental leave, in which men account for 12 per cent of those taking the primary carer role.

78% of Nurch members are Millennials:

The bulk of our members are aged between 23-38 which means they’re Millennials. This generation are tech-savvy, stylish, outspoken individuals who live life by their own rules. Childcare is viewed as not just a place to mind children while they work. They care deeply about their children’s learning and development at every age and milestone, the childcare centre must meet their childs needs. Convenience and perks are always very well received, it’s no wonder our centres do so well with offering Nurch and all the perks like food, nappies, extracurricular activities. There is a lot more on what millennials look for in childcare but that is a blog in itself.

75% of Nurch members work for an employer:

We found that 40% are employed full-time. From our previous survey in 2020, we have seen a 6% increase in members who are working full-time now; which is no surprise with the staff shortages impacting Australian businesses. Further, according to the ABS, since the pandemic, the Australian workforce unemployment rate has fallen to a record low of 4%. Employment increased to 13,372,000 people with full-time employees claiming a 92% share. Over 35% of our members were employed part-time which again is no surprise as it’s often the preferred employment option for mums as it’s easier to juggle all the commitment it takes to raise a family while working.

80% of Nurch members voted Nurch as the most valuable rewards company:

It has now been a couple of years since Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards launched, so we asked members to compare the value they see in Nurch with other leading brands’ loyalty programs. It was excellent to see that 80% of our members see the value Nurch offers and voted Nurch as their favourite rewards program. The second highest was Woolworths rewards and interestingly Woolworths is the highest redeemed gift card.

Consistent with survey results from 2020, the majority of our member families reduce their household spending using Nurch points.

40% Use Nurch points to reduce household Spending:

Almost 40% claimed they buy essential household items, such as groceries; while equally nearly 10% said they purchase items their children need or treat their family. However, the popularity of saving points and redeeming them for Christmas is growing evident as a whopping $332,000 was redeemed by members during November and December 2021. This not only contributed 20% of the $1.61 million total Nurch points redeemed, but it helped to reduce the average $1232 per person Australians spent on Christmas in 2020. And elevating 55% of Aussies who use their savings to fund Christmas, or 23% who had to go into debt to cover their Christmas costs.

65% of Nurch members endorse Nurch to friends and family:

With incredible financial benefits to reduce household spending, it is no wonder that 65% of members are discussing the benefits Nurch provides their family. And whilst 11% are still learning about the benefits, we are taking onboard that almost 9% of members said they would love to see and use a referral incentive to invite friends & family to participate in the loyalty rewards program.

67% Says Nurch influence the decision to stay enrolled:

But, does Nurch influence the ultimate decision on which child centre you choose for your child?

In 2020, 54% of members said that the value Nurch provides their family after paying their childcare fees, it would encourage them to stay enrolled at their selected child care centre; or they would move to a centre that provides the Nurch program – with one important detail to note – “so long as the educational experience suited my child”. Our current 2022 survey indicates that there has been almost a 13% increase; bringing the total to 67%. The increase affirms that Nurch takes onboard suggestions on how to improve our loyalty rewards program.

One of the more popular feedback comments suggested introducing more rewards for staff. Approximately 5% of Nurch members are, in fact, childcare educators. Working closely with the 42 partner centres we currently have, we see firsthand the tireless work and care the talented educators provide children and their families. And while we have been working on a staff rewards program since the end of last year, it’s great to know that our values and ideals align with our members.

We love getting to know our members – past, present and future. Thank you to those who participated in the recent survey. However, if you missed it and would like to contribute any feedback, we welcome everyone’s input via the comments section of this article or by emailing the cofounder of Nurch directly on