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$332,000 Reasons to Join Nurch

Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards has expressed their whole-hearted admiration and gratitude as families cash in over $332,000 in childcare loyalty reward points in preparation for Christmas.

There was an overwhelming response to Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards members redeeming their rewards through November and December. In the lead up to Christmas, families cashed in their points to the value of $134,000 during November and almost $199,000 through December.

It seems, families opted to gain assistance with their groceries for the exciting holiday with $65,000 worth of points redeemed as Woolworths vouchers and $46,000 at Coles. Kmart and Bunnings were also popular choices, collectively contributing $53,000 towards the total redemptions.  After a reminder text message from the young startup to members two days before Christmas, saw families redeem an incredible $29,149 in reward points in just 30 minutes.

‘’We projected around $250,000 worth of Nurch reward points to be redeemed by members from November to December; To hit well beyond that target is a phenomenal feeling’’, says Kara Smyth, Cofounder at Nurch. ‘’This is what Nurch is about; rewarding families in ways that truly help our members out; ways that they can choose what is best and when will make the most difference for their family.’’

Summer holidays are in full swing and Nurch is predicting another $100,000 in reward points to be redeemed. By February 2022, they also expect to donate $15,000 worth of unclaimed points to Ashton’s Place Charity; a foundation to support parents and caregivers of children with autism to help children find their ‘place’ in the world.

Nurch currently has 35  partner childcare centres across four States that helps to reward Is 3500 Australian families. They have recently partnered with South East Queensland group, AMAZE Education. And have a further 10 Imagine Childcare centres coming on in the first half of 2022.

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