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$50,000 per year from side-hustles

Mum of three, earns an extra $50,000 per year while working full-time and balancing home life, in a bid to become financially free by 50.

ROCKHAMPTON, Queensland -: Emily Keable, age 29, has figured out the key to early retirement without compromising her family lifestyle.

“We have found a balance where we will be able to retire by 50 if we want to, and can still spend money on experiences and small luxuries now,” says Emily, mum of three.
Emily and her husband Brendan, of four years, have three young children under four years old, and despite both working full-time, juggling home-life, children and a 24/7 rotating roster the couple manage to earn almost $50,000 by financially focussed side-hustles.

Emily’s winning formula is broken into three sections –

  1. Saving money, and
  2. Making money for the now
  3. Investing money, for the future

Despite being on maternity leave for the past eight months, Emily has managed to renovate their forever-home by adding a mudroom, almost entirely funded by Childcare Loyalty Rewards startup, Nurch, which she says would’ve taken the young family over a year to save up to complete.

“Childcare for three children isn’t cheap! To keep costs down, we have enrolled the kids three days per week. This leaves us around $600 out of pocket per week, $30,000 per year, after the gap fee”, says Emily, “Little Zebra Rockhampton offers a program called Nurch. We earn points based on our childcare fees which we can then redeem for retail gift cards – like FlyBuys for childcare. Through Nurch we have been able to focus our budget savings elsewhere while buying bulk kids clothing every six months and next year will be using Nurch points to pay for my daughters’ school shoes and supplies. Each year, it adds up to about $1000 per year in savings.”

Emily makes extra money for her family doing pet-sitting at their residence in Rockhampton which she says is the largest income stream apart from the couple’s rental property that they purchased at just 21-years-old.

“Our rental property was the best and biggest investment we made to date”, the young mum says,
“It is cash-flow positive, and the extra money has helped to create a comfortable lifestyle for my family and allows us to reinvest funds. We also regularly invest in shares, mostly exchange-traded funds and listed investment companies, such as AFIC (Australian Foundation Investment Company), which is paving the way to a financially free future”.

To those who are thinking about starting a side-hustle, Emily gives this advice –

  • Your side hustle should be something you enjoy doing
  • Side hustles are a lot of work – they are a means to an end and usually not the passive income “money while you sleep”, we all want
  • Have a goal for the money earned from side hustles. It means all that extra work is going directly toward something you want.

About Emily: Emily is a money-savvy mum of three children. She has recently returned to work as a Government Administration officer after eight months on maternity leave. Passionate about helping women understand and take control of their finances, she shares tips, information, and her own money journey on the Emily on Money Instagram and blog. Emily shares her personal experiences and is not a professional financial advisor.


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