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Meet Heidi from Little Zebra Rockhampton

Today I got to interview Heidi Shuker from Little Zebra Childcare and Kindergarten Rockhampton. This centre director was our star performer in our first ever rollout challenge. Even now, her centre has consistently utilised all of the Nurch features to engage with her new and existing families. We have many great centre directors partnered with Nurch, but I really appreciate Heidi’s consistency and enthusiasm to her centre and to Nurch.

Pivoting Through The Return of Gap Fees

As a working parent who didn’t experience any income loss during Covid-19 shutdowns, I didn’t understand why ‘free childcare’ applied to me in the first place. Not only did I save on my entertainment expenses due to the mandatory business closures, my childcare budget was notably reduced to zero. What annoyed me about this is I know that my ‘childcare saving’ could have helped someone more deserving and I didn’t need a discount as I budget for this expense.

Interview with Centre Director Kylie Pearson

At Nurch, we’re proud to say that we have so many amazing centres advocating the benefits of our rewards program to their families. Centre Director Kylie Pearson, from Imagine Childcare and Kindergarten Nerang is consistently committed to her Nurch duties for the benefit of her enrolled families. Kylie’s centre ranks in our top 3 most engaged centres, which is amazing!

What is your business plandamic?

Every childcare centre is experiencing disruptions as a result of covid-19. Your centre is more than likely experiencing financial stress, supply chain issues, staffing and market confusion. Sometimes all of these issues at once while you’re trying to sustain an essential service for the benefit of Australian families. Whatever the issue is, you’ve had to change the way you deliver your product and service and adapt to the times we’re in.

Supporting our community through a pandemic crisis

During uncertain times, we learn what and who really matters. When we get through this current crisis, we will need someone to care for our children while we provide for our families. With that, it is imperative that childcare centres are back to business as usual. That means staff are to remain employed, you get days that suit your work schedule and your child reunites with happy familiar faces.

Importance of Continuity of Care

The first three years of your child’s life is vital to their development and future. It is during these formative years that your child will rapidly go through monumental learning and development milestones.