Back to school

Back to School Plan

It is just three weeks until we see our little ones go to school or back-to-school. Navigating school and childcare over the past two years has been mind-boggling with the constant hurdles and changes COVID has thrown at us. So, let’s make your life a little easier with some handy tips on getting ready to say ‘goodbye’ to summer holidays and ‘hello’ to a new school year!

Table of contents

  1. School shoes
  2. Exercise & text books
  3. Get your kids into a routine, now
  4. What to buy and do
  5. Start talking scenarios
  6. Be prepared to go virtual


School shoes

They’re expensive and you need multiple pairs, but do you really? The simple answer is, no. If we’re talking primary school, take advantage of being able to opt for a black leather running shoe. This meets the leather shoe criteria to meet uniform requirements, and it can be used with the sport uniform too.

Where to find them: Rebel Sport, Myer, David Jones, Big W, Target, K-Mart and Athlete’s Foot all sell these types of leather running shoes. Better yet, cash in your Nurch points at one of these stores and enjoy the perks of free shoes.

Exercise & Text books

Apart from uniforms, the next kicker is stationary and textbooks! The school will provide a list. You can now get these from Big W and K-Mart, although Officeworks is one of the best stocked options. Purchasing books and stationery can be a tedious process; some schools offer a service that will arrange this for you for a small fee so be sure to ask!

Hint: If you’re in the position, at the end of the year, donate unused exercise books and textbooks to other families. Or, help fund the following year by selling them.

Get your kids into a routine now

Did you know it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? In this case, introducing a new routine. Wake your kids up as they would wake up for a school day. Play and entertain them for the amount of time they’ll spend at school. Introduce an afternoon routine of snacking, concentration-time (i.e. homework) before dinner and bed routine.

Sit at a desk or table and read books with your child. Grab some flashcards from K-Mart – if you’re a Nurch member – or find some Reading Eggs or age appropriate activity books to get their little brains ready for the year ahead. Concentration is key; nurture their skills that encourage it; you’ve got a creative kiddo? Drawing, playing with lego, board games and even painting is great too.

What to buy and do

Overwhelmed or unfamiliar with back-to-school processes? Maybe your son or daughter are a past child in our care or just graduated kinder at our centre – we understand this process can be overwhelming. Check out a great printable ‘Back-to-School Checklist’ provided by our loyalty rewards partner, Nurch, that includes just that; along with a few other things you might not have thought of!


Back to school checklist
Image: Back-to-School checklist by Nurch. Click image to download

Start talking scenarios

Conversations with your child can help mentally prepare for situations that can occur, and help ease any anxiety that might come with being in a new environment.

– How can Kinder differ from primary school, such as class etiquette
– If your child is feeling unwell, unsafe, uneasy, who can they talk to and where can they go for help?
– How can your child best manage different personalities and kids who like different things
– What is the best way to deflect unfavourable behaviour?

Be prepare to go “virtual”

Virtual learning could quite possibly be around for a while. Prepare a space in your home where your child could participate in classes with minimal interruptions (easier said than done for some, albeit!). Make sure that if there is a snap lockdown that you have the technology to press ‘go’, asap.

If your son or daughter graduated Kinder at our centre, and you have a brand new preppie this year – (we definitely want to see photos!  Add the hashtag #NurchPerks on Facebook/ Instagram!

Good luck and welcome to 2022!