Brand Story

Our Story

Our purpose is to make childcare more rewarding for families. We aim to make childcare better by helping centres build stronger communities that focus on consistency of care for our children and their carers.

With over 15 years of experience in childcare, we were tired of the same old promotional strategies childcare centres use to increase enrolments. These only benefit the new family, never the enrolled family who have been continuously supporting their childcare centre. With this in mind, we created a program that would not only increase enrolments, but its aim is to retain your most loyal families by recognising their efforts with well-earned rewards.

Our People

Meet our adaptive, diverse, passionate and dedicated team who work together to deliver the best loyalty rewards program for childcare centres and their families. The Nurch team is committed to doing childcare differently. Nurch is not about iPads, holidays or any other one-off incentives to the ‘new’ enrolment. Sure, we have rewards for new families too, but our program continuously gives back where it counts – to your existing enrolled families. After all, our most loyal family’s commitment turns our centres into a community!

Brent Thompson, Director of Finance

Brent co founded Nurch in 2018 after seeing that there was no way to give back to loyal families. Brent is known for his analytical brain and expertise on all things related to finance in childcare. He has 15 years experience in advising the childcare sector on data governance, information management and reporting. Brent’s expertise allows Nurch to educate the advantages enrollment retention creates from a commercial perspective. He’s passionate about building better centres and giving back to loyal families. On his time off, you will usually find him at the airport about to enjoy different experiences across the globe. His brain is wired to work hard and travelling is his way of switching off.

Glenn Noy, Director of Technology

Glenn co founded Nurch in 2018 and he is our IT expert who is personally responsible for our intelligent but simple to use loyalty program. He has 15 years experience in Enterprise Information Systems for the childcare sector. He excels in designing and delivering financial and operational reporting systems for clients with anywhere between 5 to 1200 centres. Glenn and his family spend their weekends volunteering in their community, heavily involved in the promotion and advancement of AFL Womens & Youth football. Glenn is a dedicated dad to Charlotte and Nicholas and is known as ‘Coach Glenn’ to well over a hundred children and young adults at his local football club. He uses his software engineering experience to deliver IT solutions to create a better childcare journey for centres and families.

Kara Smyth, General Manager

Kara joined Brent and Glenn when Nurch was just an idea and together they created and launched Nurch. It was Kara’s Law degree, personal childcare journey coupled with her experience in business management that complimented the teams skillset and childcare expertise. Kara is responsible for the operations, partner relations and our excellent customer experience. Kara’s Law degree helps with business strategy, marketing, legislation and licensing requirements. Kara is a hardworking team player and there is no job to big or small that she won’t do. Kara is known as ‘mum’ to Xavier, Ariah and Harlan. Her personal parenting journey is why she’s committed to Nurch as she contributes her success to the support her childcare centre provided. Working with Nurch means she now gets to help other families find their supportive village through their centre too.