Nurch doesn't just reward families, it also supports our community by donating unredeemed points to charities proudly supported by our partners. When you join our program, you're not only earning rewards, you're helping our community.


Supporting children with autism. The foundation does this by: 1. Funding research into evidence-based early intervention. 2. Funding for the development of Autism Connect Early (ACE) programme, an evidence-based Early Intervention Programme based on gradual and meaningful inclusion. 3. Support and funding for professionals that guide programme implementation and train staff. The ACE Programme "An evidence-based early intervention programme for children on the autism spectrum, developed in partnership with The University of New England" is implemented in early childhood education and care services. By providing this programme in services, we are also able to support working families. The need was identified when I took Ashton (my son) to therapy four times a week. If I relied on a job that was within office times this would not have been possible so I wanted to develop and support a programme that would encompass all professionals by offering a transdisciplinary approach to early intervention, in an early childhood service so parents could be supported while they worked. Thus, supporting our aim: For children who are autistic to find their place in this world.

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