How Nurch works

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up as a Nurch Member via your childcare centre. Pay $0 joining fee and $0 ongoing fees.
  2. Earn one point for every dollar you spend on your childcare fees. Every point you receive has a real dollar value. 300 points = $10
  3. Access bonus points through promotions and increased membership status, valid at participating partner centres.
  4. Choose what and when you redeem points for your reward.


For Members

Nurch is simple. We have created a clever platform specifically designed to reward families for their loyalty to a childcare centre.

  • No need to swipe a card. Points are automatically added to your Nurch account.
  • Access your Nurch account via our web app.
  • Redeem from 80+ retailers with as little as 300 points.
  • Be rewarded for your loyalty and consistency.

Childcare Centres:

Our platform takes care of all the nitty gritty, so you can get on with what matters.

  • Secure loyalty platform that calculates points, transfers points and rewards members.
  • Increase loyalty with existing enrolments and attract new enrolments.
  • Strategic marketing portal to better manage fluctuating enrolments.
  • Grow your business organically and reduce turnover.


  • REAL REWARDS – Unlike overpriced toasters, we offer our members true value. Our points quickly add up and you can choose from a range of Nurch Perks.
  • NO POINT WASTED – Feel good benefit. Any unused points are donated 100% to charity.
  • BETTER CARE – Nurch organically grows loyalty to create a more stable community, which creates more consistent care for our children. This is why we really are a win-win.

Questions and Answers

To become a member, your child must attend one of our partner childcare centres. If your centre is one of our partners, register your interest directly with your centre director. You will recieve your invitation from Nurch once your centre knows you want to join. Just follow the prompts of the invitation to complete your sign up, access the web app and manage your membership. It is that simple!

Yes it is. You will need a valid email address to redeem for perks as they are sent electronically.


Nurch is completely free for members. No fees, just perks for you.

Yes. Points are earned only on the out-of-pocket expenses you pay to your childcare centre. Payments in advance only recieve the points after the scheduled attendance has passed.

Your out-of-pocket childcare expenses are the portion of your fees paid personally by you to your childcare centre. The out-of-pocket expense is what remains after any discount, subsidy, rebate or similar benefit, including those payable by the Australian government.

300 points is the minimum amount of points to redeem for a reward. 300 points redemption equals $10 value.

$1 paid equals 1 point at the minimum. Bonus offers and membership loyatly can increase the points you earn. This will vary depending on your centre. Speak to your centre director on what promotions they have running.

Once you pay your childcare bill, your childcare centre purchases points from Nurch. The total time to receive points is estimated to be around 14 days.

Simply register your interest for the promotion with your childcare centre. Spaces may be limited due to room capacity. Your childcare centre must accept your request to attend for in order for the points to be applied to your membership.

No. Each childcare centre can provide different multipliers or points for a promotion. You agree to the terms and conditions of each promotion as outlined in the email from your childcare centre. The promotions are also only valid for limited time at your centre’s discretion.

Childcare centres can elect to use or not use the membership class feature at their discretion. Please ask your Centre Director for more information.

Not all partners use the membership class system. If your centre does use the membership classes, you can find your membership class details and relevant multiplier via the Member Terms of Use.

Your points and membership credits can be viewed by logging into your account on the Nurch portal via www.nurch.com.au.

You log in details are requested at sign up.

If you would like, you can download the web app by visitng your Nurch portal on your phone and saving the page to your home screen. It is that easy!

Please allow 2 weeks for points to be transferred to your account. If you have still not received points after this time, please contact your Centre Director.

This information is shown in the detailed points statement.  The relevant point multiplier will be shown against each payment as well as a special promotions description.

Please speak to your Centre Director to see if they can assist. If not, log your complaint via the Nurch portal and one of our representatives will be in contact shortly.

To redeem points for a reward, make sure you are logged into the Nurch portal, select your preferred gift card and follow the prompts.


Once you redeem your points for a reward through the Nurch portal, your reward is sent via email direct from our gift card supplier Prezzee.

Digital gift cards are sent to the same email address you use to log into your Nurch portal. Please allow up to 24 hours after your redemption request to recieve your digital gift card direct from our gift card supplier prezzie.

If you haven’t received your digital gift card, check your junk mail and notify Prezzee on (02) 9093 2777 or [email protected]

Please inform them of your email and that you are a Nurch member.

Points are not transferable between members.

If you move centres within a childcare group, please speak with your Centre Director about transferring your membership and points.

If you move to another childcare group, you are not able to transfer your points and membership to that centre. You will have 12 months to redeem your points.

Yes. If you do not have your child enrolled at your nominated childcare centre for 12 months consecutively, your points will automatically redeemed to the nearest $10 value.

Nurch is not able to refund points. Nurch supplies gift cards for a minimum $10 value. If you have less than 300 points, the dollar value of your points will be donated to charity after 12 consecutive months.

Yes. If you do not have your child enrolled at your nominated childcare centre for a consecutive 12 months. Should you return to that centre after 12 months, your childcare centre has the sole direction to reinstate your membership class or not.

Log onto your Nurch portal and update your account via the account settings tab.

Log onto your Nurch portal and change your password via the account settings.


Most issues are able to be resolved quickly with your childcare centre directly. Please speak with your Centre Director should you have any issues. If it is not able to be resolved, please read our complaints handling procedure for more information.


Nurch has a team dedicated to handle any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you cannot resolve the issue with your your childcare centre first.