Kylie Pearson

Interview with Centre Director Kylie Pearson

At Nurch, we’re proud to say that we have so many amazing centres advocating the benefits of our rewards program to their families. Centre Director Kylie Pearson, from Imagine Childcare and Kindergarten Nerang is consistently committed to her Nurch duties for the benefit of her enrolled families. Kylie’s centre ranks in our top 3 most engaged centres, which is amazing!

Kylie so generously agreed to partake in an interview so I can share with our Nurch audience her story and why she believes Nurch is a great bonus to her families.

How long have you been in childcare industry and why did you choose this industry? 

From a very young age, I have always loved the enjoyment that looking after children brings.  After babysitting throughout high school, I knew that working with children was going to be my lifelong career.  I began this back in 1993 when I studied my Bachelor of Teaching at Griffith University.  I very quickly moved into the Early Childhood sector where I have been ever since, working my way from Assistant to Lead Educator, Assistant Director and finally Director.  I have been a Director for over 20 years now.  Educating young children and mentoring staff is something that I have been excited and passionate about.

Why do think consistency of care is important? 

Consistency allows children, parents and family members to achieve a genuine partnership that connects and strengthens the bond between home and the centre.  This in turn, enhances children’s learning, wellbeing, inclusion and sense of safety and security.  At Imagine, we have set our goals and expectations extremely high and maintaining this level of consistency establishes our positive reputation within the community, which allows us to continuously grow and develop.

Tell me, what were your first thoughts about Nurch? And what do you most like about the program? 

I love the idea of Nurch.  In over 26 years in the Early Years sector, I have never come across a consistent rewards program that is so effective, yet so simple.  It is a wonderful way to build loyalty and support for services while simultaneously thanking parents for being a part of our community.  I feel the best part of Nurch (aside from the amazing rewards for families) is the fact that there are no third party marketing companies contacting families – it is an honest, authentic and a realistic program.  I do feel privileged to be a part of the first company to be able to roll out this loyalty program to our families.

You have helped two Centres launch Nurch now. I have received emails on the weekend and I always admired your commitment to your Centre & our program. Can you share your process/tips that may be struggling to sign all their families up?

Because I am so passionate about Nurch, this shines through when talking to families about the program. I honestly take the time to explain in detail what the program is, how simple sign up and redemption is and what families can benefit from this.  Using examples of gift cards that families have already ‘cashed in’ also gives parents a tangible goal to work towards.  Building a relationship and bond with parents and knowing them individually also allows me to modify the gift card examples used with each family.

Also offering a time to sit and have a chat about Nurch over one of our free barista made coffees with a freshly baked treat from our centre Chef has helped.  With new families, I make this a part of the orientation process and have never, ever missed a sign up from a new family.  I find face to face conversations are more effective than emails or phone calls.  Also, train all your Educators about Nurch so they can follow up with families with knowledge and excitement.

Did you recruit the assistance of any team leaders? How did you motivate them to assist you? 

I recruited all of my staff to help with Nurch.  My passion inspires them to be excited so they can pass this onto any parents and families that I may miss.  We are very effective at working as a team to support families and promote the program.

What feedback have received from parents about Nurch? 

They love the program and can’t believe there is not a hidden catch.  For those that have already cashed in gift cards, the feedback is outstanding, and families cannot thank us enough.  Families are also very quick to recommend this program to their friends and families.  Some families are excited to save for Christmas and others are glad to have the extra support during COVID-19.

What were some of the challenges of our program? 

There were a few minor glitches with families accepting the invite and signing up.  But the support from you and Nurch has been amazing and very prompt.  Reaching out for assistance has always been easy as you are so helpful and friendly.  I admire your ability to be approachable, calm, knowledgeable and professional all at the same time.

We have heaps of improvements in the pipeline and I can’t wait to show you. But I would like to know how you think Nurch could improve?

Maybe an app for their phones through the app store instead of the web app.


Thanks again Kylie and her team for making Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards so successful in your centre. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to making childcare better.