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Interview with Centre Director Natalya Bryan

Natalya is the centre director at Little Zebra Childcare and Kindergarten Gracemere and I often seek her feedback on how we can improve Nurch for our families. It is with pleasure that I interview Natalya as she offers great insight because she is a centre director Nurch member. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with Nurch.  I am so pleased to be working with such an upbeat and vibrant centre and I can’t wait to visit your centre one day.


What do you love about working in Childcare?

I love being able to help little people grow and learn. I believe that strong relationships are the key to success in this world. I love being able to connect with each child and help them learn about the world around them.


As a centre director and parent, what benefits do you think Nurch offers the Childcare Industry?

I think Nurch offers a rewards program for something families already expect to pay for. Just like flybuys and Woolworths everyday rewards, it is a wonderful program that gives back to our community and can the rewards can be tailored to each family.


How did your staff respond to Nurch?

My Centre educators are very fond of Nurch and they refer to it as the ‘Flybuys for childcare’. The educators who have children at the Centre love having the extra funds like I do. I personally view it as a savings account for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas for my children.


What about your staff who do not have children? How do they feel about the program?

They love Nurch. The educators who don’t have children see the value in the Nurch program and engage with our families regularly about how they are going to spend their rewards on pick up and drop off.


As a centre director, how do you advocate or show your appreciation for staff that go above and beyond for your centre?

As a Centre Director, I like to highlight appreciation between educators through regular open communications about their achievements as well as leave a surprise to thank them for something they have done.


Do you have any feedback from parents that you would like to share regarding Nurch?

Families have found Nurch to be a wonderful program with many of the families redeeming rewards during the COVID19 stage 1 restrictions to help the household out financially.


What are some of the issues/challenges with our program? How can we improve?

The only issue I have seen is when a family is attending two centres within our group. It did not allow 1 family to have two accounts with the same email and that was frustrating for families. This has been overcome with switch account feature!


What reward don’t we offer that you think we could add?

I think the rewards are very well balanced with many major retailers which allows everyone to be able to access the rewards in many different ways.


In partnership with our centres, Nurch offered 10 free points per booking to help our families during COVID while gap fees were $0. Gap fees are returning for most families, how would you like to see Nurch support our community further?

I personally don’t feel there is much more Nurch can do to support the community. The points really do add up I like having something to offer my families that centres don’t have.

I really love that any Nurch points not spent by the family go back into the community through charity donations. I think that families who do not wish to receive Nurch points and would like to all donate their points to charity could click a button to donate all the points automatically.


Thanks for your insight. I have been tossing up the idea of having a donate option on the portal. As always, you have been a great contributor to Nurch and we appreciate your work.