2021 Gold Stevie Winnner

Nurch – Best New Business Product 2021

Publication: The Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: Nurch PTY LTD, Chermside Brisbane, Victoria, Australia
Company Description: Nurch is Australia’s first childcare loyalty rewards program, founded in 2019 by Glenn Noy, Brent Thompson and Kara Smyth. Nurch head office is in Brisbane with a team of 6. It is a B2B & B2C high-tech and innovative platform designed to increase and retain childcare enrolments by rewarding family loyalty & spending. Nurch has recently won awards for product innovation, tech & childcare services.
Nomination Category: Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year – Business Products

Nomination Title: Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards

Nurch is Australia’s first childcare loyalty rewards program where families earn reward points based on their childcare fees. The high-tech platform is a brand-new product released on September 17, 2019. The program synchronises with each childcare centre’s software to automatically download the details of enrolled families, including the attendance records and fees paid by parents.

Nurch is 100% compliant with childcare subsidies and Australian consumer Laws. It is constantly updated and automated to meet government regulations, laws and changes.

Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards is a business that provides benefits to childcare centres and families through the clever purpose-built loyalty rewards platform. Its primary purpose is to reward Australian families for spending time at their centre. By rewarding loyalty, centres increase their profits by retaining more enrolments while retention leads to greater consistency of care for our children and their carers. Centres have a viable platform to market their business through offering promotions.

Nurch works because it automatically rewards enrolled families though is an incentive to attract new enrolments because it gives parents something back for what they pay in fees.

Nurch for families

Families earn 1 point for every $1 they pay to their centre. With access to an online secure portal, families can log on and redeem an e-gift card with their choice of over 85 Australian leading retailers. Families can save on groceries, buy household items and even save up their points for a holiday. When selected, the gift card is automatically emailed to their inbox and is ready to be spent. Nurch is free for families to join, and it helps them get a little back from paying childcare fees.

Nurch works for families –Watch this Video: https://youtu.be/1c8BdKVeSV8


For childcare centres

Nurch is a program implemented by premium Australian childcare centres. Its tech-based data-driven secure marketing platform is an innovative and practical solution to enrolment retention and promotions that automatically manages the logic, distribution of the points and redemptions by connecting to childcare software data.

With the strategic retention marketing aspect of the business handled, centres can invest more time growing their business and creating memorable learning journeys for children.

Since September 2019, Nurch has successfully launched Australia’s first childcare loyalty rewards program. Nurch is a product that has financially assisted 4000 families, and 32 childcare centres to retain and grow enrolments. In the coming weeks, we have an additional 40 centres which will assist a further 4000 families (total 72 centres, 8000 families).

The redemption of members increased 704% which is a strong indication that our customers are satisfied with the product and redeeming the points earned for digital gift cards. Our partners grew internally by 45% with only our existing partner centres. Overall, the results are positive and on target to achieve 300 centres with 30,000 members.

Nurch is an Australian first, in its first year of business therefore past performance and expectation is not yet measurable. Further, our first year of operations has been and continues to be disrupted by Covid.

Nurch is proud to have a 100% retention rate, indicating our B2B customers are very satisfied. So far, five centres have been sold to different entities and none of these centres has cancelled Nurch. Further, we’re currently working with the new owners on a plan to implement Nurch in other centres they own, too.

Nurch has 5-star reviews by enrolled families, on Facebook and Google. Further, we receive online support from our members who appreciate the program. In September 2020, we conducted a survey that revealed that 53% of our members would choose a Nurch centre or remain enrolled at their centre due to the program.

The future is extremely bright for our young business. Although our current economy changes rapidly, in the next five years, we see 300 centres partnering with Nurch – Australia wide; this will benefit 30,000 Australian families. We are on track to reach our goal of 60 centres by the end of 2021; then we aim to double that for five consecutive years.