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What is your business plandamic?

Every childcare centre is experiencing disruptions as a result of covid-19. Your centre is more than likely experiencing financial stress, supply chain issues, staffing and market confusion. Sometimes all of these issues at once while you’re trying to sustain an essential service for the benefit of Australian families. Whatever the issue is, you’ve had to change the way you deliver your product and service and adapt to the times we’re in.

The way you respond during crisis will determine whether you’re able to withstand the storm for your business or not. There is most certainly opportunity amongst this crisis if you implement simple actionable steps to future proof your centre, and this is how:


Manage your mindset

It is vital that business leaders and team members in childcare maintain a positive mindset to ensure their centre successfully identifies opportunities available to them. If needed, team leaders should enrol into mindset courses so they can provide solutions, support, stability and motivate staff better.  It is important that centres work hard to ensure families feel supported during this unpredictable time. Your centre needs to be a positive and supportive space to your staff and families. How you support your community through this crisis will be remembered. Even if that means you take a short-term financial hit, if you use this time to build better relationships, it will pay back dividends in the future.


Deliver a better service

Now is the time to demonstrate your excellent customer service capabilities and deliver innovative solutions which will serve your business for years to come. An example of this is to provide an online learning environment to support families home school and entertain the little ones during isolation.


Now is not the time to shy away from marketing. You need to be communicating with your audience online, remain approachable and work toward a better business model. Your customers are watching to see how you adapt to this crisis and what changes you’re making for the future.

The success of your strategy relies on making changes to meet your customer needs now and in the future. Interestingly, our prospective clients realise that now is a good time to implement our loyalty rewards program, not only from a costings advantage, but it’s a great additional boost to their brand and goodwill. Its changes like this that add value to the business and give back to their community at the same time.

Providing a gift or any support during this time will help you build great rapport with your families. At Nurch, we work closely with our partners to ensure our program provides their families with points that they will value. Every little bit counts and it’s always well received.


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We’re all in this together, Australians need childcare centres and we need to be working with each other to get through this.

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